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report/letter files not updating

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  • report/letter files not updating

    I'm using SUF 5.0 and am a new user, so I am not all too familiar with the program yet.

    When I update my executables, then open SUF, it updates the files with the newer versions. That is fine but it doesn't update any of the .doc files or .rpt files that we use for letters and reports.

    Do I need to delete the file, then add it back in for it to update those or is there something I can set in SUF/Word/Crystal Reports so that it will detect a version update?


    Rayne Bair

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    Re: report/letter files not updating

    As a rule document files do not support file versioning in the same way that Portable Executables do. Doc file and RTF files should never show a version number in the version column.

    - Brett


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      Re: report/letter files not updating

      So I will need to delete those files and add them back to the project?

      I tried that on one file and it still showed the same date. Does it use the date created or date modified? If it uses the date created, is there anyway for me to tell if it is updating the file before I run my install on a client computer?