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Default text in edit field - Multiple edit screen

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  • Default text in edit field - Multiple edit screen

    I have two screens. Select install type and multiple edit. (well, there are more, but only those 2 are important).

    On the Select install type, the user choose and install type (set %InstallTypeIndex%).

    On the second screen (Multiple edit), i use %InstallTypeIndex% with an If structure to set another variable (%DefaultText%). This IF is on the before actions of the multiple edit screen.

    This variable (%DefaultText%) is the default text for an edit field of my multiple edit screen. I have this variable on the "Default text in edit field" of my edit field.

    Thing goes well the first time, the user select an install type, press next, and the multiple edit screen show the correct defalut text (store on %DefaultText%). Now, the user press back, and choose other install type. When the user press next, the edit field have the same default text.
    I mean, %DefaultText% have now the new default text for the new install type, but the default text of the edit field have not change.

    The default texts of edit fields can be set only once or it must be change when i show the screen?

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    Re: Default text in edit field - Multiple edit screen


    The reason for this is that the Multiple Edits screen saves the information that is entered into the Edit Fields when either "Back" or "Next" is pressed.

    So when you hit "back" the first default is "saved" as the current text for that field.

    The Default Text is only used the first time the screen is shown.

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