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Error in free disk space calculation

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  • Error in free disk space calculation

    I just had this reported by a user:
    (using SUF 6)
    He receives an error "Temp drive requires at east 2MB free"
    He reports that his Temp drive has slightly over 4 GB free.
    He resulved it by changing his Temp directory to a drive with less space available.

    This is on Windows 2000 Professional, SP2
    No disk quotas are enabled.

    Has anyone else noticed this?

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    Re: Error in free disk space calculation

    I am using the latest version ( and they still have this problem. It's probably due to wrong calculation based on 32 bit (suitable for disks up to 4GB).
    It will only occur if by a chance your free size is less than 2MB over 4GB steps (4-4.002, 8-8.002, etc.).
    Very easy to fix. I'm surprised it remained during the last 2 years...


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      Re: Error in free disk space calculation

      If it's not currently in our bug database, I will add it. We will be coming out with a new subrelease in the next few weeks so we will look into this during that process. Thank you.