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Slow startup under Windows XP

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  • Slow startup under Windows XP

    I have a VB6 application installed with SUF 6.0 which installs OK eventually. The problem is that the initial "Setup Factory 6.0" screen is displayed and then the install seems to be idle for more than 20 seconds with Windows XP Professional. I have XP Home and the wait is 7-8 seconds on a fast notebook. With Windows 98, setup starts right away!

    Can this be speeded up?

    The application was converted from SUF 5 and it does have 5 external controls that have to be registered.


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    Re: Slow startup under Windows XP


    I'm not sure why it is taking so long to startup on Windows XP; do you have any "Startup" actions that may be causing this delay? Perhaps you have some actions on the "Before" tab of your first screen?

    You can e-mail me your project file and I will try to test it on our side, so that we can verify any bugs, if they exist. Please send the file, along with a brief explanation of the problem to: [email protected]

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