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How secure is the Serial Number within a build?

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  • How secure is the Serial Number within a build?


    I'm interested in using serial numbers within a SUF6 build to control who is able to install from a built setup.

    How secure are the serial numbers from hacking? E.G. What form of encryption is used within the setup file? Are the generated serial numbers based on a formula or simply random, etc.?


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    Re: How secure is the Serial Number within a build?


    The serial numbers are stored in an encrypted and compressed format. They are certainly quite secure from your average user trying to view the setup.exe in say, a hex editor. That being said, you should keep in mind that a determined and knowledgeable "hacker" will be able to circumvent *any* protection you apply to your software. Even if that means buying a legitimate serial number from you and then giving it out to other people, or simply repackaging your software once it is installed on their system. It's unlikely that those sort of people would ever actually purchase your software anyways.

    So... In summary, yes Setup Factory 6.0 uses a secure method of storing your serial numbers, but you can't expect your software to never be used illegally. Anyone who tries to sell you a solution that claims to be 100% secure is taking you for a ride. It doesn't matter if it is hardware keys, software encryption or whatever. Focus on making it inconvenient to steal rather than impossible.

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