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multi-language multilanguage

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  • dan37_123
    Re: multi-language multilanguage

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by pit:
    [B]Your first screen must be a radio buttons screen with these settings:

    thanks a lot for the reply. I tried using the installshield, but i found it has plenty of bugs in this compiler and the code is rather messy.

    In my opinion, i think SF is kool.

    May i ask you some more questions. I am a completely new to this sf. Can i use auto play in conjuction with sf to make the install routine a multimedia enrichment. Can i have sequential exe file execution

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  • pit
    Re: multi-language multilanguage

    Your first screen must be a radio buttons screen with these settings:

    value = 9, text = English
    value = 7, text = German
    value = 16, text = Italian

    Store selected button's value in:

    Store selected button's index in:

    Now all other screens must be present in 3 versions (for each language one) where the screen condition is:

    %SysLanguage% = 9 (english screens)
    %SysLanguage% = 7 (german screens)
    %SysLanguage% = 16 (italian screen)

    Note you must also localize packages in case you are using any. Use %SysLanguage% also as condition to install the app. language specific files and icons.

    Hope this points you in the right direction

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  • dan37_123
    started a topic multi-language multilanguage

    multi-language multilanguage


    I need to create three setup types; ENGLISH, GERMAN AND ITALIAN.

    when the uses chooses German, the setup factory installation routine should switch to German, smiliarly for other languages if selected.

    I tried, but no success. I would apprecitate your replies.