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    The "CONTROL_HIDE"/"CONTROL_DISABLE" feature is appreciated. I thought – maybe naively – that it was possible to assign the value TRUE/FALSE in Actions Before to change the Default State from the Custom Tab. But no, the display is still Checked/Unchecked as set on the Custom Tab. But the check box value is according to my Action Before setting. The succeeding actons are performed according to the values assigned by my actions, not as displayed on the screen. (The solution is to have Control_Disable in Actions Before and True/False in Actions After.)

    Is it possible to have the screen display follow the Actions Before procedure (don't ask me to use more screens depending on conditions. I have several check boxes, there is a rather large number of combinations depending on the state of the users machine)

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    Re: Check Boxes


    Sorry, but this appears to be incorrect functionality.

    We will look into this because it make senses to allow you to control a checkboxes default state thought its variable.


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