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Can I create screens for Swedish language?

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  • Can I create screens for Swedish language?

    Before I had some trouble with the Swedish language files but now is that solved by creating my own Swedish languge file.

    But now I have stumbled on a new problem - The screens. Is there any way that I can create my own screens for Swedish.

    I looked at the files for the screens that existed and the INI file wouldn't be any problem but the DAT file seemed compiled in some way. So in other words, kind of hard to change with Notepad.

    Please anyone enlight me on this issue.



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    Re: Can I create screens for Swedish language?

    I might have been a little hasty reaching out for help. I have already solved it myself.

    If anyone is interested in how you create your own screen. Follow this example:
    1) First open SUF6
    2) Then click on the screens button.
    3) Add a screen, in this example the standard welcome screen with side banner.
    4) Go in and translate everything to your language, in this example Swedish. Be careful to set the to set the %SysLanguage% value correct in the screens conditions.
    5) After you have done this press the Advanced Operations button and choose Export Screen.
    6) Now go to the SUF6 installation folder and go in to the folder Screens.
    7) Here you create a folder for your language if it doesn’t exist, (Swedish).
    8) Save the screen, in this case to Welcome.dat
    9) Now open an explorer window -> Go to the Screens folder again but this time go into the English folder.
    10) Copy the INI file that belongs to the same screen as you created, in this example Welcome.ini.
    11) Now go up one step so that you are in the Screen folder and the go into your language folder, (Swedish).
    12) Now paste the INI file here.
    13) Open the INI file with Notepad and edit it to your language. Save it.
    14) Now go back to SUF6 and go the screens, click on the Add button.
    15) Now on the right top where you have the language drop down you will see your language, (Swedish). Select your language.
    16) Now you see your screen in the left window and you can now easily add it to your project.

    Hope anyone will find this useful.

    Best wishes



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      Re: Can I create screens for Swedish language?

      Hi Patrik,

      You beat me to the punch. I'm glad you were able to successfully create your custom screens. I'm sure others will benefit from your post.


      Darryl Hnatiuk
      Indigo Rose Corporation