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Error in adding files to CD-ROM Tab!!!

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  • Error in adding files to CD-ROM Tab!!!

    This is an urgent problem for me since I have to get my project finished by tommorow.
    So if anyone has any solution for this please give it to me.

    This is what happens:
    I try to add a folder which has 4105 files under it (including subfolders), but when it reaches half of the files an error occurs. The error message is this:

    An exception 'Unhandled Win32 Exception' has occurred in SUF60Design.exe.

    And then when I press OK SUF6 closes.

    What should I do?

    Thanks for any help.


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    Re: Error in adding files to CD-ROM Tab!!!

    This is a very rare problem that seems to occur on non-English systems running Setup Factory. We have never been able to track down the exact cause. What you can do is run the file called "sr.reg" located in your "C:\Program Files\Setup Factory 6.0\Data" folder. This will cause the list view to update more slowly but seems to eliminate the problem.

    - Brett


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      Re: Error in adding files to CD-ROM Tab!!!

      Thanks for your answer but I solved it in another way. By the way I’m running an English version of Windows 2000 Server, AMD 1400 Mhz CPU, 768 MB RAM.

      Please read my next question which I have submitted to this forum.

      Thanks again