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Can I change the value of the calculated file size?

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  • Can I change the value of the calculated file size?

    Earlier I had this problem where I couldn’t add more than around 3000 files to the project. (The problem might also have occurred because some of the files that I tried to add to the project had a very long source path.)

    I solved this by adding all the files to a zip file which I included on the CD but not in the project. Instead I used the unzip action (which worked perfectly), but the calculated file size of the installation became of course terribly wrong.

    My question now is if there is any way that I can change/edit the calculated file size?
    I tried to find some built-in variable for this but couldn’t find it.

    Please anyone enlighten me on how to solve this problem.


    PS1. This forum is really working well – a big salute for the moderators.
    PS2. A question to Mark – Did you receive my mail with the Swedish language file?

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    Re: Can I change the value of the calculated file size?

    Since there apparently isn’t any solution within SUF6 to solve this problem, I solved it myself by a work-around.

    So if anyone else has a similar problem you can solve it like this:
    What I did was I created a small application, which detects the available free space on a specific driver and then stores the value in an INI file. Then I use the action within SUF6 to read the value from the INI file. Then I compare this value to the space my installation requires. If the user has selected a drive that hasn’t enough space, a message box is displayed where it says he has to select another drive. Then the variable %PreventNextPage% is set to TRUE, this will force the user to select another drive before continuing.

    The application I created is called DiskFree.exe and just send me an email if you want it.
    The syntax for it is: DiskFree.exe DriveLetter PathToINIFile
    For example: DiskFree.exe C C:\Temp\MyINIFile.ini
    Or with SUF6: DiskFree.exe %AppDrv% %TempDir%\MyINIFile.ini

    Best wishes to you all.