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Multi-Language Support? Greek and Japanese Language Module?

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    Re: Multi-Language Support? Greek and Japanese Language Module?

    Since you guys have been discussing Japanese I hope one of you knows the answer to this question. I'm now using an evaluation version of SF6, and I want to set up an installation with Japanese as the default language.

    Pg 130 of the Sf6 manual shows Japanese.lng as one of the files in the laguage list, but this file wasn't included in the version I downloaded. Does this file actually exist, and, if so, how can I get it? Or for the time being do I have to translate it myself?

    Thanks in advance.


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      Re: Multi-Language Support? Greek and Japanese Language Module?

      No, I'm sorry, the Japanese language module currently does not exist, therefore yes, you would need to create a language module yourself for that language.

      Actually at the time of the printing of the manual which was during development and beta, none of those languages existed at that point. I believe our technical writer simply added a series of possible language modules in order to explain the concepts.

      We're sorry for this confusion.


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        Re: Multi-Language Support? Greek and Japanese Language Module?

        Thanks for the reply. Actually it appears that it won't be too hard for me to do the translation myself, especially because I doin't have to do the whole job, just the words I'll be using.

        I am an extremely inexperienced user of setup products, and (based on a recommendation from a Japanese developer) I first tried a test version of InstallShieldExpress. (The awareness of the existence of SFn) seems to be pretty low in Japan.) There were several problems and it wasn't particularly user-friendly, so I next (on recommendation of a friend in the US) tried the test version of SF6. I am impressed by the ease of use and flexibility. Also, the setup.exe produced by SF6 requires only about 25% of the file size of that produced by ISE, and the market price to buy Sf6 is significantly lower than the Japanese version of ISE.

        I think if your company were to put a little more effort in producing a product aimed at the Japanese market (just really producing Japanese.lng and also Japanese version of the standard screens would probably be a good start) you could appeal to developers of Japanese language software products.

        Anyway, thanks for the quick response.