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SUF4 setup.exe crash

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  • SUF4 setup.exe crash

    Our 16 bit app's SUF4 generated setup.exe crashes on Win98 when an adware component's system wide keyboard hook is loaded.
    Has anyone seen this behavior and/or any suggestions (besides the obvious upgrade...)
    Thanks, Jorik.

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    Re: SUF4 setup.exe crash

    Ok, there's almost no post here with 0 replies, so I'll reply myself...
    BTW what was wrong with my question?


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      Re: SUF4 setup.exe crash

      Hi Jorik,

      Nothing was wrong with your question I think people were just waiting to see if anyone else had any ideas about this.

      One thing I'm not sure about it the "adware component's system wide keyboard hook." I'm not exactly sure what that is, or why it could be causing a problem. Perhaps it is the "adware component" and not Setup Factory that is causing the problem.

      Another thing to remember is that you are using version 4.0 which is now two FULL versions behind.

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        Re: SUF4 setup.exe crash

        Thanks Mark.
        The system wide keyboard hook is most probably causing the problem, but I was just wondering whether anyone else had seen this?

        And yes, we are two versions behind, but we're also on the last version that supported 16bit setup. Since our own app is also 16bit, up till now, we've always been able to have just one product (~version) for all supported platforms, which has some obvious advantages...

        Looks like maybe we'll have to port our own app and upgrade SF...

        BTW A keyboard hook can be used to "inspect" (i.e. monitor) keyboard input. A system-wide hook is a DLL that gets loaded into all processes on a system (and can monitor keyboard input for all those processes).