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Upgrading programs

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  • Upgrading programs

    Our product version information is written to the registry, and if the version we are currently installing is newer, we confirm with the user that they wish to upgrade. Fine so far.

    We then uninstall the previous version to get rid of the dlls etc before reinstalling the newer version.

    What we need is to run this uninstall silenetly and avoid the message box
    "Are you sure you want to remove 'TheProgram' and all its components", or at least change the message to something like "Your previous version will now be uninstalled"

    We use %WinDir%\iun6002.exe with "%AppDir%\irunin.ini" in the command line arguments.

    Initially we thought addind /s might make the uninstall run silently, but this doesn't even uninsatll the program.

    This is confusing our users, as we first ask them if they want to upgrade, and then ask them if they want to uninstall it.


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    Re: Upgrading programs

    There is a saying "If all else fails, read the instruction manual".

    Yep, there it is the silent uninstall requires the /S outside the quotes in the command line arguments.

    File to execute = %WinDir%\iun6002.exe
    Command line arguments = "%AppDir%\irunin.ini" /S