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Uninstall leaving files behind...

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  • Uninstall leaving files behind...

    1) SF6 Uninstall leaves behind the %AppDir% with six files and one folder also with two more files. This is on w2k and NT4. On Win95 it uninstalls properly. With the old SF5 installer/uninstall it all comes out clean.

    2) Also, there are two packages. One is the normal, program files only. And the other is to also install InfoBase files to a location of choice. These will uninstall if installed at the root of a drive and will not if installed in a directory, either created or pre-existing.

    Any suggestions appreciated.

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    Re: Uninstall leaving files behind...

    Hi Terry,

    I have not run into any problems with the uninstall feature.

    First, what full version number are you using? Are you using the most recent version,
    I take it that this is a converted project?

    First I would like you to make sure that all of the files are completely removed from the test system before you try your test your install again(physically remove them).

    I cannot seem to be able to recreate this on my end. If this is still occurring, could you send me your project file so I can take a look. You can send it to [email protected].


    Darryl Hnatiuk
    Indigo Rose Corporation


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      Re: Uninstall leaving files behind...

      Thanks Darryl,

      I just sent it in, but forgot to mention the version number. I was at and now I am at Just ran a quick test with it and it is still the same. Yes it is a converted project, and yes I do delete all stragglers before retesting.


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      [This message has been edited by Terry Vance (edited 03-05-2002).]