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Prompt for Insert Disk #2

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  • Prompt for Insert Disk #2

    I built a setup with Setup Factory v5.0.1.3 and chose CD-ROM as a media target. I have been using SF and building setups for over two years now with no problems, but in the past week I've had two different computers recieve a prompt for Disk #2 when no Disk#2 exists.

    Has anyone else seen this problem? Is there a fix available?


    --Ben Finkel

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    Re: Prompt for Insert Disk #2


    We have had two instances of this same problem, one associated with SUF and one with SUF

    In the first, we believe the problem may have been tied to a "firewall" the customer had in place. We packaged the .exe file in a .zip file and forwarded it to him. When he unzipped the file, the .exe installed correctly.

    The second instance was reported this morning. The customer reported that when he made the download from our web site, the indication was that he got only 97% of the intended file. This would account for the problem, but I dont believe it should prompt for a message to insert "Disk 2", when in fact, there was no "Disk 2"

    He is trying another download and it was suggested that he make the install from Windows "Safe Mode". Possibly an installed driver for one of his cards or programs is conflicting with the install. If so, safe mode may resolve the problem.

    Additionally, when the "Disk 2" prompt appeared, the path displayed was

    C:\NameofOurProgram\Temporary Internet Files

    which I don't understand.

    Neither of the two instances involved a CDR install.

    I'll post how he made out, although it may not be for a couple days.


    Anyone from Indigo Rose have any ideas???


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      Re: Prompt for Insert Disk #2

      If you are prompted for "Disk 2" during an install, it means that the install is looking for additional data that is missing from the file. It is therefore hoping that the data will exist on another CD or disk etc. This can happen if a file download was cut off prematurely. If your installation file's primary source is by download, you should use the "Verify Archive before installing" option that can be found on the SETTINGS tab of GENERAL DESIGN in both version 5 and 6. It will then verify that the file is complete before proceeding with the installation.


      Darryl Hnatiuk
      Indigo Rose Corporation

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