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  • Registry Problem


    My 1st time here,
    1. You're program's really good, so any problems I've come across, I've been able to 'nut out' or found the solution in the help file
    2. Didn't know the forum existed (came looking for support)
    3. Only ever made small program's/app's for family & friend's

    That said, this time I've actually needed to use the registry (told you I've only made small program's/app's )
    During the *Test* period, I would just create the directory & place the files in it, whenever the s/n was used, it would show it in the program (under Help - About), so when I packed it all up with Setup Factory (BTW v5) everything works fine, the s/n going into the registry fine & the program become's the full ver except now the it doesn't appear in the *Help - About* box
    I've looked & tried all different thing's, checked & re-checked but still can't see a solution
    Could this be more an error in my coding...or am I overlooking something in Setup Factory?
    Not looking for help with my coding, just looking to see if I can eliminate Setup Factory
    Thank you for any time & effort

    ***Live Long
    & Prosper***

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    Re: Registry Problem

    I'm not really sure what to suggest here. Are you modifying the location or name of the key/value/subkey where you are outputting the serial number in the Registry. You may be modifying the name of the subkey or placing it in a different location than it was previously.

    If you have verified that the Registry entry is successful and where it is supposed to be, I'm not sure what else to suggest.


    Darryl Hnatiuk
    Indigo Rose Corporation


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      Re: Registry Problem

      Got it...thanks Darryl
      Yes, I'd decided to eliminate 1 sub-key & missed 1 line in my hurry/eagerness *LOL*