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Project Not Working After Conversion!?

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  • Project Not Working After Conversion!?

    I am having a recurring problem with Setup Factory where, when I convert a project from SUF5 to version 6 and then run the setup that the setup appears to install files and even creates icons as it is supposed to but I find that none of the file are actually installed on the machine. This is when I have not yet installed the setup on that machine so it's not comparing files in the setup against already existing file or anything. It seems to be with any project that I convert. Eventually, after goofing around with some of the projects, they have mysteriously started to work. When I say goofing around, I mean like removing the "(Setup Factory 5)" out of the caption of each of the dialogs and then rebuilding. So, it's not mission critical changes I'm making if you know what I mean.... I've just kind of dealt with it not wanting to take the time for a support email but I find myself dealing with a project that I can't "tweak."

    I need to get clients taken care of and I can't because I'm fighting these projects.... Any help you can offer would be very much appreciated. Please let me know as soon as possible if anybody has found a work around for this.