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Windows NT permissions

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  • Windows NT permissions

    Hi, I am using SF

    When installing under Windows NT (2000), then its important to consider the local administrator permissions for the user.

    If the user has no admin rights, any shortcuts should NOT be installed to the 'ALL users', but only to the 'per user' profile. The install to the 'ALL users' profile would fail.

    Fortunately, SF 6 has a builtin variable named %isUserNTAdmin%. I can use this variable at runtime to determine, where to install the shortcuts.

    But what shall I do with the program group ? The screen "Select program group" offers a Checkbox "NT All Users", which must be checked or unchecked at EDIT time.

    This is, of course, not sufficient !
    How can I make this decision "dynamic", based on variable %isUserNTAdmin%, but still using the prepared screen for program group selection ?

    Why isn't there a variable %SCFolderPathNT%, but only %SCFolderPath% ?

    Waiting for your helpful hints


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    Re: Windows NT permissions

    OK, I found a workaround to "overrule" the checkbox setting for "NT All users":

    Add the following code to the after screen actions:

    if (%isUserNTAdmin% = TRUE)
    Assign Value(%SCFolderPath%=%StartMenuProgramsNT%\%SCFold erTitle%
    end if
    if (%isUserNTAdmin% = FALSE)
    Assign Value(%SCFolderPath%=% StartMenuPrograms%\%SCFolderTitle%
    end if

    Hereby, its ensured that the shortcut folder is installed to 'ALL users' profile for local admins, and to 'per user' profile otherwise. The checkbox "NT ALL users" is ignored.