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Uninstall does not remove %AppDir%

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  • Uninstall does not remove %AppDir%

    I don't know exactly what I changed in my SF6.0.0.4 project, but the uninstall does no longer remove the %AppDir% directory.

    All its entries have been removed except the "iun6002.exe".

    Its not very funny, when users complain about incomplete uninstalls.

    Even after adding the command "Remove directory(%AppDir%)" an the end of the uninstall - section after uninstalling, nothing changes.

    Do you have some idea ?

    In the meantime, I found some more info what I did:

    I added a command "Execute(%AppDir%\someBat)" with "wait for program to finish" checked. When I add this step to Actions - After install, then the uninstall does not remove %AppDir%.

    When I add this command to Actions - Before Install, then the uninstall works properly but here my problem is, that the file is not yet installed).

    Maybe this helps.


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    Re: Uninstall does not remove %AppDir%

    Does that batch file create any files or folders beneath %AppDir%?

    Remember that the Remove Directory action will only work if the folder is empty.
    --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]


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      Re: Uninstall does not remove %AppDir%

      No, no files are generated beneath %AppDir%.

      In my case, the bat-file is simple and only contains a call to the Oracle SQL Loader. It contains a command like
      "sqlldr silent=(ALL) parfile=%1".

      The loader generates one or two files within %AppDir%, which are removed by the setup already during installation.