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  • Open Document Command

    I have an html file (a registration form) which gets copied across to my %AppDir% and which the user has a Yes|No selection whether they want to run it or not.

    I discovered that I couldn't use the 'Execute File' command, as I cannot be sure what html browser they would use and simply using %AppDir%\myhtmlfile.html caused an error.
    I therefore selected to use the Open Document command. This works fine....BUT... the Execute File has an option which says ' Wait for program to finish running before continuing'.
    This isn't one of the options for the Open Document type.

    Is there anyway I can get around this?
    Basically, I do not want my install routine to continue (since it does some other IF actions such as 'Do you want to run this program now?') until after the user has finished with the registration form.


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    Re: Open Document Command

    Use the Read File Association action (under File Information) to find out what program is associated with .html files on the user's system, then call that program and pass the registration form as an argument.
    --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]


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      Re: Open Document Command

      Thanks Lorne.
      Worked a treat.
      Should have read the help files more thoroughly.