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Is my message confusing?

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  • Is my message confusing?

    Hey Guys!!!

    If my 1st qeustion was confusing let me try 2 better explain myself...

    I want my customers to download an .exe from my web site...but; if they already have the .exe i don't want it to be downloaded again.

    So my question is how do I do this in SUF???


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    Re: Is my message confusing?

    No, thats not too confusing.

    First, all youd have to do is have SF search the users computer for the .exe file. Then, if found or not it will return a variable. You then use this variable to determine if the new .exe is to be downloaded. Searching the users computer for a file can take awhile sometimes, so the best way to do it would be to search for a registry value that the .exe would write (if that is an option).

    A clip of the actions would be like this:

    Search for File (%FileSearchResult% = location of your.exe)
    IF (%FileSearchResult = Not_Found)
    HTTP Download (http://Whatever -> %SrcDir%\Whatever)
    END IF

    That right there will do it, if the file is not found it will be downloaded, if it is, the IF statement will be skipped.


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      Re: Is my message confusing?

      Thank you... so much!!!

      The example was very helpful...