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Writing/REading Ini and EXecute

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  • Writing/REading Ini and EXecute

    i would like to be able to do this in my setup:

    ask user a question,
    write it to an ini file,
    have setup run my EXE,
    my exe reads and writes to the ini
    then setup reads the ini then conitnues on

    any clues how i can do this....? very dificult with just the help file

    thanks in advance

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    Re: Writing/REading Ini and EXecute

    yes it is possible to do, interesting installation routine. Can you please explain in detail.

    Following is a possibility:

    1. User info screen, here you can capture the user input into an variable say %myAnswer%

    2. Setup if expressiion, if %myAnswer%= true

    3. Update/write to the ini file

    4. run you exe now

    5. after your exe run you have something new in your ini file.

    6. read the ini file

    7. continue from then on.

    good luck

    i might be able to help,if u can explain it little more in detail