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password/serial number for Uninstall

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  • password/serial number for Uninstall

    The uninstall that is created for our setup needs to have a password/serial number so that not just anyone can uninstall the program. Is there a way to force the user to enter a password/serial number when they access the uninstall (created by Setup Factory)?

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    Re: password/serial number for Uninstall

    I had a similar problem where I needed to issue a warning & give them the option whether or not to proceed.

    I defined a "before uninstall" action to display the message, then an "abort" action (to prevent the uninstall from occurring) if they answered no.

    Note that SF6 will say "Uninstall complete" if you abort an uninstall, even though the abort action *does* prevent the uninstall.

    As for entering a serial number, SF6 doesn't have a dialog box for free text entry, so the only way for them to enter the serial number would be to give them a message, then run Notepad so they can enter the number, then extract the number from the Notepad output file - yech!!

    As for the value of the serial number, you could use an "after install" option to save their serial number into the registry, then get it back from there to check the uninstall.

    Tim Tester

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