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A question on placing a shortcut on the desktop

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  • A question on placing a shortcut on the desktop


    I did not use Setup Factory very much. So this question may be very easy
    to many people.

    I know I can use the Edit| File Properties screen | Shortcut tab to select
    or unselect the option of "Create shortcut on Desktop". But what I want to
    do is to provide the users a way during the installation to allow them to
    choose whether to place a shortcut on the desktop. Is there a way to do this?

    I use Setup Factory 5.0


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    Re: A question on placing a shortcut on the desktop


    This is possible in Setup Factory 5.0, but you will have to use an action rather then the file properties method.

    Simply add a 6 Checkbox screen to the Screen Manager, this will be the screen that will give the user the choice. Then make only one of the Checkboxes visible, and assign the variable %Short% to it.

    Now go to: Settings -> System Editors -> Shortcut Icons tab. There create an action that will create a shortcut icon of the desktop (look in the Help file if you have troubles accomplishing this). Now assign a Boolean condition to this action: "%Short% Equals Checked". Now the shortcut will only be created if the used checks the visible checkbox on the 6 Checkbox screen.

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