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HTTP download, no https support?

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  • HTTP download, no https support?

    After playing with the "HTTP download" action and the "Submit to Web" action, it is clear that SSL is not supported. Am I correct?

    Will it be any time in the future (soon)? I am not overly happy with submission of personal data and downloading of a files unencrypted.

    Is there a trick / way around this?

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    Re: HTTP download, no https support?

    You could write your own routine and use the Call DLL Function action to do pretty much anything you want.

    IIRC, we considered SSL at some point, but the overhead is pretty significant. It might be something we could add in a future version.

    What exactly are your concerns with using regular HTTP or HTTPA (Authenticated)? What is it you're trying to secure?

    There's also the question of whether the installer is the best place to put this kind of many cases it can end up like tying a horse to a tiny little stick with a matter how secure the chain might be, there's no way a measly stick is going to hold a horse.
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