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    I have a setup file that installs a Visual Basic Report Tool. It requires the VB6 Runtime module. I have a data file that will be read by the Report Tool.

    I know how to add vb6 runtime support, and the data file, but are there any particulars to running the included setup file for the Report Tool as part of my install I should consider.

    I could go into the Action Items and invoke a execcute file command before installation and that is what I am leaning to but wanted any consideration any may offer. Or I could simply run after setup through the action command which may be better.

    The setup file for the Report Tool is from a 3rd party vendor, with distribution rights attained. I of course do not want it installed to a folder merely run as part of the installation. It is already a setup.exe file.

    Basically my only icon will be associated with the data file I mentioned which will be associated with the Report Tool "after" it is installed.

    My confusion is lying in a way to do this without leaving the setup file for the report tool on the users disk. If I choose to invoke this 3rd party setup.exe after installation I assume it will have already been installed in the App directory and remain there.

    Many Thanks

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    Re: Install Scenario


    What you could do is Launch it at the End of the installation, with the Wait for return option selected, and then have a Delete File action after that will delete the setup from your users machines.

    If that does not seem to work, try a "Delete File on Reboot" action to remove the file.

    You could also include the Report Tool setup as a Primer File (General Design -> Primer Files Tab) and launch it at the beginning of your installation. (Primer files are available on Startup).

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      Re: Install Scenario

      Many Thanks, I have had SUF since it was Doughboy. It has gotten better and more sophisticated with each update. Unfortunately I my self have not kept up with sophistication.<g>. I tried InstallShield Express and when it created problems with any InstallShield Programs on my own machine by it's very existence I went back to SUF. Note the only reason I went to InstallShield was because PenDragon Forms will generate an InstallShield Script. HINT HINT BUT you folks have always been kind in support issues not to mention this is a great product so please continue to keep the forum going as I know I rely on it. And if you can do the hint hint above it would be nice as I have to include MS Access XP Runtimes with my Palm Programs and Pendragon has helped me do it with SUF before but I have no clue what I really did.

      Thanks for all the help