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Runtime Files needed for MS Access Database ???

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  • Runtime Files needed for MS Access Database ???

    hi guys...
    i have searched the forums, and i do not see this exact question answered.
    Could someone please tell me, in order to distribute an ms access 97 database, an .mdb file, to user's that do not have ms access on their pc's, what runtime files do I need to
    include with the installtion setup.exe ?

    I have already included the following.
    the .mdb file
    MDAC 2.61 SP1 runtime
    MS DCOM95 v1.3 runtime
    MS Jet 4.0 SP 3 runtime

    i removed ms office 97 from one of my pc's and
    then installed the setup. exe that setup factory created,
    but it won't run..the pc asks with program to associate with the .mdb file, which is the main database file in the ms access 97 program.

    any ideas ?
    kevin rea
    [email protected]

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    come on guys..

    isn't there anyone on this board that knows the answers to my question ?

    Please ???



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      Re: Runtime Files needed for MS Access Database ???

      What do you want to do with that database? Opening it in another program, or running the modules within? In the first case you have installed the necessary runtime files, in the second case, you have to make a distribution file with the developer version of MS Access.


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        Re: come on guys..


        What you need to include with your Access 97 Database is the Access 97 runtime, which is basically a version of Access that allows people to view and work with Access databases but not create them. I believe that Microsoft has a runtime that they allow developers to use, try looking on their website, or contacting them for more information on it.

        You can download the Access 2000 runtime from here:;en-us;Q243957

        Also you must have a licensed copy of Microsoft Office 2000 Developer in order to download their Access runtime.

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