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Files not included in setup.exe

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  • Files not included in setup.exe

    I have created a setup.exe file for distribution via cd-rom using setup factory. It's been about 6 months and it's something that I"m doing wrong.

    I'm using the wizard to create a file, which is supposed to auto-install a program (several html) files into a directory that I've specified (e.g. c:/program files/ebook).

    The file compiles fine and is 486KB. This tells me that my files are not included in the .exe file. When I test the installation, I get messages that says:

    Please make sure your disk is in the drive.
    The following file cannot be found:
    (source directory)index.htm

    Abort Retry Ignore

    It's like its looking for the files and it's not included in the setup.exe. When I click "Ignore" it says the same message but another file name. This continues until I click "Abort." This file is supposed to be burned onto a CD so when they put it in the drive, it automatically installs the files into the specified directory. Can anyone tell me where I can set this option so setup factory will include everthing it needs?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    [email protected]

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    Re: Files not included in setup.exe

    Make sure you know yourself whether or not the supplied files are in their original locations.

    If you added files using the wizard from a CD-ROM, and the CD isn't in the drive when you try to build your setup, the required files won't be added to your final setup.

    NOTE: When files are added to your project, they aren't TECHNICALLY stored in the SF6 file. Simply their PATHS are stored, and then later accessed to build your setup file.

    Also, make sure that any files you ORIGINALLY added to your project weren't later RENAMED or MOVED. This could cause Setup Factory to tell you the files are missing.

    However, with this error message:

    > Please make sure your disk is in the drive.
    > The following file cannot be found:
    > (source directory)index.htm makes me assume files were added to your setup FROM a CD-ROM/Floppy/Zip, etc....

    so, if I am correct, follow the instructions. Place the original disc with the appropriate content, and then build your setup.

    ... or am I completely in the dark on this one?



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      Re: Files not included in setup.exe


      Thanks for your reply. You are correct, I have the
      files stored on a network drive. I told Setup Factory
      to pull the files from that folder.

      I have done this before and had no problems but can't
      figure out what I did. I have the %appdir% set so I'm
      thinking that that tells Setup Factory to install the
      files so when the user drops the cd into their cdrom,
      they are then installed in the directory I specifed to
      create e.g. c:\program files\refmanual.

      The only two files that appeared on the previous
      version were setup.exe and autorun.inf.

      So in essence to your reply, where should I store the
      files so Setup Factory can find them, compile the exe,
      then not ask for the source files. It's over 400 files
      so I can't put them on a directory. Should I change my
      %appdir% to come other string?

      Thanks again,
      [email protected]


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        Re: Files not included in setup.exe

        One more thing, the original setup.exe file was 1.9MB as the new setup.exe files is 455KB...same number of source files, just updated.



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          Re: Files not included in setup.exe

          you're more than welcome to LOAD the files from the network drive, just as long as the SAME drive is available when trying to build the EXE.

          Now I am confused... I was under the impression that you weren't able to successfully CREATE your setup.exe...but if that's not the case, then YES! Change your %AppDir% path to something locally. (i.e. %ProgramFiles%/%ProgramName%)

          that would store the files TAKEN from the network drive, and place them on the users harddrive with they're other programs. Traditionally, %ProgramFiles%/%ProgramName% would be the default folder most would extract to.

          Either way, just make sure %AppDir% does not point to a specified Network location, or lettered drive (i..e E:, F because each user who runs your setup, you can't guaruntee has access to such a location.

          good luck!


          the smaller setup.exe sounds to me like the files aren't being added at all? You shouldn't get any errors during your build, and if you ARE, then again, make sure the network location is accessible before you build again.


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            Re: Files not included in setup.exe

            Mike, Paula & guys
            My problem is the opposite. My setup file is huge because it is including all the required files. I want them to be external to the install.exe and only paths appear in the my_install.exe which assume the files are on the CD ROM.
            I want my_install.exe to need the CD Rom to be in the drive in order to make the installation.

            How can I prevent the files from being included in the my_install.exe file?


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              Re: Files not included in setup.exe

              Hi Hank,

              I'd recommend that you put those files on the CD-ROM tab rather than on the Archive tab. Anything you put on the archive tab will be compressed into the setup.exe. Anything you put on the CD-ROM tab will simply be referenced at build-time. There's a good section in the User's Guide about the differences. Also check out the online help for some background info.

              Hope that helps!