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how identify missing files for build?

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  • how identify missing files for build?

    i get the following error when i try to build (i was successful in completing the build earlier in the day); the error message says to look for the files in red, but i have over 1,800 files. is there another way to find the missing files?

    error message:
    24-Jun-02 03:33:07 PM
    Project file: C:\temp\setup\mf400cdrom-02.sf6

    Performing pre-build checks...
    Verifying archive files list...
    Verifying CD-ROM files list...

    One or more of the CD-ROM files could not be found.
    The missing files are colored red. To resolve this
    problem either remove the file(s) from the project or
    set their source directories correctly.

    Build failed with one or more errors.

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    Re: how identify missing files for build?

    Good question, I would say you are a bit luckier than me, i have about 3200 files. Luckily i am not color blind, else you can imagine the mighty task i will have ahead of me.

    Well, it was supposed to be one of the fixes, but i havent seen any work being done on it.

    If they give me the source code, I am sure i am fix this issure in less than couple of hours.

    Hopefully, some day we will get a fix for this.



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      Re: how identify missing files for build?

      The missing files error will turn any file references that cannot be found in the current source directory to the color red. This applies to all of the files that are visible in the project window. However if you are adding any external runtime support modules, those files may generate an error if they are not found as well. If you are including any runtime support, make sure that all of it's components are present. It was also brought up that if you move your files within a working instance of Setup Factory, the files may not be visible in red. In that circumstance, go to VIEW->REFRESH or close and reopen your project file.
      The suggestion to list the missing files has been submitted to the developers previously, so it is in their hands at this point, and likely will be added to the next update release, given there is enough time to add it.


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        Re: how identify missing files for build?

        i'd settle for an enhancement to one of the reports that maybe includes an attribute showing whether the file is present in the local source.