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  • Installation Ideas wanted

    I'm preparing the installation of my piece on a blank master CD Rom. The
    blank CD Rom capacity is 700 MBytes. My full installation file is 500
    MBytes. The Minimum installation file is 50 MBytes with 450 MBytes of files
    left on the CD Rom for access during runtime. I want to fit both full and
    minimum installation options on the CD Rom. They will not fit as the
    combined files size totals 1000 MBytes ( too large for my CD Rom).

    How can I leave the A5Rs all on the CD Rom instead of including them in
    FullInstall.exe and move them to the appropriate folder separately?

    Hank Ensing
    New Zealand

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    Re: Installation Ideas wanted

    If you installation is not very complex you can something as follows:

    you have two installation optons:
    1. Mininum installation and
    2. Full installation

    Minium installation routine has 50 MB right.

    Hopefully minimum installation is a subset of full installation

    make two packages:
    package 1 --> minimum installation (files common to both full and minimum)
    package2--> rest of the files


    1. put a radio button screen giving the two options, minimum and full

    2. if the user selects minimum just install the 50 mb package (in this case the package 1)

    3. if the user slects full, install both the packages.

    good luck

    hope this is of some help