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Installing a Printer

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  • Installing a Printer

    It's posible to install a printer thru Setup Factory?

    I've created an aplication that uses a specific printer driver with some settings, for example, I need to setup the printer to use Manual Paper Feed.

    I want to do the installation thru setup factory to avoid user intervention.

    Any help would be appreciated..


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    Re: Installing a Printer

    I have asked the same question on 19/06/2002 in this forum. Apparently, nobody seems to know how to install a printer without the user intervention. I have seen some installer doing such thing but I would really like to do the same with Setup Factory 6 because it is a great product. Maybe some of the IndigoRose engineers could have a look into that... We would appreciate.


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      Re: Installing a Printer

      I'm sorry, I'm not aware of how that would be accomplished. Using Setup Factory, you have a certain number of actions available, however since I don't know how that information is handled/stored by Windows, I cannot suggest a solution with Setup Factory. If you find information, such as if the information is stored in the Registry, or INI files etc, I can assist you in what actions you may need to accomplish it.