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  • If and Show Message Box

    Hi, first time poster. Looking at other posts concerning the 'Show Message Box' function. I'm using SF and having a small problem. I want to check for %IsWin95% and show the message box. I've checked out the other posts to see what small thing I'm doing wrong. For learning experiance, I create a small script:
    IF %IsWin2000%
    Show Message Box (Running Win 2000)
    END IF

    Clicking the OK button I always get an error: "Missing Operator before open parenthesis' There is an operator missing before the open parenthesis at posistion 39".
    I've tried a cut-n-paste from other users examples here, and I recieve the same error message from most of them also.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    Re: If and Show Message Box

    The problem is that you should not be putting all of those lines into one IF action. Those lines should be 3 seperate actions:

    1. IF (%IsWin2000%)
    2. Show Message Box (Running Win 2000)
    3. END IF

    The only thing in your IF statement's properties should be %IsWin2000%.

    - Brett