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APM 6.0 ocx register problem

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  • APM 6.0 ocx register problem

    when installing ocx's with my package, it does not seem to be registering one ocx file. i have it set in the properties to do a dllregisterserver, and it does support it. even if i try to force a registration, it gives me an error "ACTIVEX REGISTRATION ERROR#_LOAD [1157] on a win9x box, and 126 on an xp box. i can go to a dos prompt and register the file manually and all is fine. what am i doing wrong?

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    Re: APM 6.0 ocx register problem

    Some OCX's need certain other components to be in place before that registration can take place which could be what is happening in this instance. If this occurs, you should research that particular file to see if it does have any dependency requirements. You could then try installing that file later in the install list which will in turn result in it being registered later. You could also uncheck the automatic registration and instead use a Register File action to register the file later in the install. If you are still having problems, feel free to email [email protected] to look deeper into the issue.