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  • Output file too large


    I've created a setup - and a user has requested a diskette version. I went into Project - Settings and changed the max output file size to 1.44 MB Floppy. But when I build I get this in the log:

    WARNING: Custom output file segment size smaller than
    space needed for Primer file(s) and Setup stub. Output file segment size has been increased to: 4516682 bytes

    and I end up with two 4 meg setup files.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Output file too large

    The Primer file feature requires that they all fit in the initial installation segment due to the fact that they are extracted at a very early point in the install. The data from the primer files cannot span two segments and therefore must be contained within the first output segment. For this reason, the installation output file size was modified in order to accomodate the size of the primer files you have added.