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Lockup Problem Installing Fonts

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  • Lockup Problem Installing Fonts

    We've had several reports of our setup program locking up. We're using SUF It always says "Installing Fonts..." when this happens. However, our setup does not include any fonts.

    In reviewing the log file from a lockup, it ends with the [Installing from Archive] section. This section appears to be complete. The next few lines should be:

    [Installing External]

    [Register Fonts]

    [File Registration]


    but like I said it locks up at the fonts part. After restarting Windows, the same setup program always completes without incident. Any ideas what would be causing this?

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    Re: Lockup Problem Installing Fonts

    Is Outlook running on the system when this happens? If so, try shutting it down first.
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      Re: Lockup Problem Installing Fonts

      I'm sure that is not the case. This has happened at least twice that I know of on our own computers. We all use Eudora. Outlook is not even installed and Outlook Express is never used.


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        Re: Lockup Problem Installing Fonts

        We believe that this problem has been resolved in an internal build and was caused by Setup Factory waiting for a response from a message sent out to all running programs. Apparently some programs have not responded to the message causing Setup Factory to in turn hang. We intend to release the resolution in the next official update patch, however if you require an immediate solution, email [email protected] and we will provide you with a temporary solution.

        This problem usually is eliminated if you ensure no other programs are running and if it does occur, reboot the system and try the installation again.


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          Re: Lockup Problem Installing Fonts

          I can probably just wait for the release. I can't duplicate the problem at will, so I couldn't really test it anyway. I just hope its fixed.

          In addition, I believe we now have two reports of setup crashing in the middle with a decompression error on one of the files to be installed. I don't know if it was the same file in both cases. It was not the same setup .EXE in both cases, anyway. In each case, simply running SETUP again worked fine.

          I can't duplicate this problem either. Are you aware of any issues with this?


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            Re: Lockup Problem Installing Fonts


            Setup Factory has been uploaded to our website, get the latest update under: Help -> Check for Update.

            The installing fonts lockup has been fixed.

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