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Multi copy with recursion

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  • Darryl
    Re: Multi copy with recursion

    As I'm sure you are already aware, there is currently no way to accomplish that functionality through Setup Factory as far as a custom progress bar. The only method would be creating a custom application to encompass all of the actions in the design you have described.

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  • theneko
    started a topic Multi copy with recursion

    Multi copy with recursion

    I am trying to write a backup script for our site with SUF 6. We need to grab certain folders like
    c:\my documents
    as well as certain document types like
    *.doc, *.xls....

    I could do it with XCOPY but I would like progress, disk space check, reading from INI file, registry edit, etc.

    Can SUF do it? When I use copy file, it does recurse but I have to execute each copy separately and each time it takes forever to count up the files for the progress bar. I need more control and would like one progress bar for the entire job. I almost got it in VBA/WSH but it's a lot of code.