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I need Korean Language Pack...

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  • I need Korean Language Pack...

    Hello .

    I your "Setup Factory 6.0 Demos" version receiving download, I am testing present.

    Current version does not have Korean language pack.
    Also, it does not have data connected with Korean language pack in Screens folder.

    Will Korean language pack and the persons concerned fares inform can receive down at where?

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    Re: I need Korean Language Pack...



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      Re: I need Korean Language Pack...

      No, I'm sorry, there are currently no pre-made screens or language module for the Korean language available in Setup Factory. However you can certainly create your own custom language module and screens if you wish. For the language module, you would basically just copy the english file and make the translations for all of the messages to Korean. To translate the screens, you would load an English screen, make the text translations you wish to have, and then export that screen and save it for future use. If you take a look at the current structure, you will see how it is done. If you need a more detailed description, please email [email protected] and we can go into more detail.