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Managing groups of files in one go

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  • Managing groups of files in one go

    I'm evaluating SetupFactory as a replacement for WiseMaster 8 and am having some difficulty getting it to do things that I would expect to be very routine.
    In particular, I want to select a folder on my drive that contains files in subfolders, drag that folder into SetupFactory such that the target folder at install time will reflect the hierarchy. But it appears that all the files are just associated with %App%. Going through them manually to set the target folder for each file is absurd.
    In Wise, I don't even have to deal with those files directly. I can just write a single script line that essentially says
    Install File

    and all HTML files under the help folder (including files in subfolders) get installed to the target system in the appropriate subfolders.

    How do I do this in SetupFactory?

    David Jameson

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    Re: Managing groups of files in one go

    No replies, huh? Guess it can't be done. I note that I also did not get any emails from tech support for initial questions about Visual Patch either. I also note that there are no replies to many (if not most ) support questions on these forums.
    It doesn't looks like it is safe to buy either of these products.



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      Re: Managing groups of files in one go

      Unfortunately you seem to be right. Since a while the support is mostly user to user, and very rarely any posts from the indigo rose crew.

      I dunno what has happened - if they are victim of the new economy crash, if all staff is in vacancies since months or whatever.

      This used to be a good address and personally I really really like suf6. But until support does not return to what it used to be I wouldnt buy any licenses any more.


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        Re: Managing groups of files in one go

        Sorry about that - we're closed on the weekend, hence the delay in answering your question.

        Adding files to your Setup Factory 6.0 project automatically maintains the hierarchy for you, assuming you either add a whole folder tree at once or define the base directory that all of your files branch off of.

        Adding the whole folder tree is the fastest and easiest way to do it. For illustration, start with an empty project. Click "Edit > Add Files...". Navigate to the top level of your file hierarchy. Choose the option at the bottom of the dialog that says "Add Mode: All files in this folder and all sub folders". Click OK and voila! Setup Factory 6.0 will add all of your files to your project with the Destination set accordingly to %AppDir% or %AppDir%\foldername as necessary.

        You can always modify your Base Directory from Project > Settings | Directories.

        The final method is to set the installation folder manually. It's a lot easier than you think. You can highlight as many files as you want and then choose Edit > File Properties. Fill in your chosen installation path in the box labelled "Install files to this location" and click OK. The change is propogated to all of your selected files. Fast and easy.

        Let us know if you need any more help.