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How do I change the 'Installing Files' screen

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  • How do I change the 'Installing Files' screen

    In between the 'Before Installing' and 'After Installing' tabs in the screen manager is no screen for 'installing files'.
    However, when I run my installation an 'installing files screen' is displayed showing the progress of files being loaded during the install. I want to edit this screen, change the text and default graphic. How do I find it to edit it?

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    Re: How do I change the 'Installing Files' screen

    If you go to DESIGN->GENERAL DESIGN and click the SETTINGS tab, you will see a field entitled "Progress screen image". This is where you can select the image you would like to appear on that particular screen.

    As for the messages that appears on that screen; each message is taken from a certain message ID found in the Language Module. If you wish, you can modify that message string. You can view the language module messages by going to DESIGN->GENERAL DESIGN. Click the LANGUAGES tab.
    Then double click the desired language module.

    At runtime, you could assign a different string to that particular message ID using an ASSIGN VALUE action.

    Hope that helps.


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      Re: How do I change the 'Installing Files' screen

      I am using SF 5.0.1. and do not have this facility. To which version must I upgrade to enable me to do this?

      Also, my 400MByte installation takes 9 mintes to install. The progress bar shows no apparent progess for such a long time that some users may not realise it is still installing.
      Will an upgrade solve this problem also?

      Hank Ensing


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        Re: How do I change the 'Installing Files' screen

        Sorry Hank, my response referred to our current version Setup Factory 6.0.

        For Setup Factory 5.0, you can change the image on the progress screen by going to SETTINGS->GENERAL DESIGN
        Click the SETTINGS tab.
        Then click the "Settings" button in the "Status Box Style" section. This will enable you to set the image for that screen.

        The message ID's are similar to version 6.0, however you can find them if you go to SETTINGS->LANGUAGE MANAGER and then double click the desired language module. However you would be subjected to setting the string at design time, because there is no ASSIGN VALUE action available in version 5.0.

        I will respond to your progress bar concern in the separate thread you started.