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Progress Bar slow on big install

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  • Progress Bar slow on big install

    My files for installing total 400 MBytes. The install takes 9 minutes and the progress bar appears to stop as it is so slow. I'm worried users will think it has stopped installing. If I upgrade to SF 6.0 will I solve this problem?

    Is SF 6.0 faster or does it have a second progress bar?

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    Re: Progress Bar slow on big install

    I don't think that you will find too much of a difference between the two versions as far as the progress bar functionality. That is simply the drawback from such a large installation. The system should be working away at that point installing, so my guess is that user's will not think it is done if their system is busy performing actions.

    To answer your question though, no Setup Factory 6.0 only contains a single progress bar. If you haven't already, feel free to download our evaluation version to take a look at.