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Setup Factory 6.0 Demo & Fatal Error ??

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  • Setup Factory 6.0 Demo & Fatal Error ??


    Today I downloaded the eval version of suf6.0...

    Seriously considering purchasing it, but......

    I've added Packages to the product, when I click on a file in the file list and tell it it belongs to a package it works fine, trouble is I have *loads* of files, so I tried selecting a number of files at once, when I try to tell them they belong to a package SUF dies with a fatal error ??

    Anyone know why ?

    I really don't want to have to go through hundreds of file and individually mark them as pakaged.

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    Re: Setup Factory 6.0 Demo & Fatal Error ??

    Go into the main Setup Factory 6.0 directory and look inside of the folder "Data". There you will see a file called "sr.reg". That file is a small registry file that will merge some settings with your registry. Just double click that file and then go back into the design environment of Setup Factory 6.0. That should solve the current problem you are having.