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  • default redio button

    I am having a problem, I want my radio button to have NO default, to force the users to make a selection, but no matter what I try it always makes the top visable radio button the default, I dont mind making a radio button invisable and making it the default but that does not seem to work, any suggestions?

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    Re: default redio button

    I'm wondering what Radio-buttons you are refering to .. can you explain please?
    = Derek
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      Re: default redio button

      Is this a question about Setup Factory, perhaps?

      If so...there isn't any way to have all radio buttons on a screen start out unselected. The radio buttons are designed to have one of their options selected at all times.

      You could try using check boxes instead, and then use actions on the After tab to prevent the user from continuing if they didn't select any options, or selected more than one.

      Or, you could add a "dummy" option that remains visible on the screen with a caption like "(select something else)".

      But if I were you, I'd just put use clear captions, pick a good default value, and put a bit more trust in the user's ability to pick what they want.
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        Re: default redio button "Radio"

        Yes yes, Radio not redio Well just know users simply slick NEXT on each option and simply dont read unless you force them to. I have a problem with client not picking install in stead of upgrade, I simply want to force them into a selection, before they move on.

        I want them to have to select a Radio button before they can move on. I will have to find another way, thanks