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unzipping to existing files

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  • unzipping to existing files

    I am evaluating Setup Factory 6.0 and so am very new to this.

    I have zip files included in my distribution. It appears as though unzipping will not overwrite existing files.

    Can anyone verify? Is there a way to change this?

    I am delivering bug fixes to an installed product, and overwriting is sort of required.

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    Re: unzipping to existing files

    You may be right there. SUF60 uses different unzip code than AMS40, for example, which lets you choose whether or not to overwrite existing files. The best way to accomplish what you want would be to put the files that you have in the zip file right into Setup Factory. Setup Factory has plenty of file overwrite options. The files will still get compressed into the setup archive. In fact, putting a Zip archive into SUF60 offers little advantage over putting the files right into your project.

    - Brett