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Registry permissions question

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  • Registry permissions question

    I am using SF6 on both XP and 2K. I am trying to install a program that needs to access some registry values. We want our users to have Administrator privilege to be able to install and uninstall the program, but run as a normal user (not an Administrator). We can enforce having the user be an Administrator at install time, but when a non-Admin tries to run the program, it cannot access the registry values it needs because it doesn't have Admin privilege.
    Is there a way to adjust the permissions of registry keys/values that I add at install time? TIA.

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    Re: Registry permissions question

    Windows 2000 and XP are very strict about security permissions. They really don't want to let applications decide that they can control the system and adjust critical settings that the system administrator doesn't want changed. So, that's the long roundabout way to say no, your Setup Factory setup.exe can't override those security constraints. It might seem like a good way to get around things at first, but at least Microsoft thought that one out a bit!