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error installing from multiple files

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  • error installing from multiple files


    I need to create a version of my installation in floppy-disk sized segments. I used the "Output file segment size" list to choose "1.44 MB floppy" and created the install files with no error messages.

    When I try to run the setup executable I get an error message "archive integrity check failed", followed by the expected size (which is the size of a single-file install file) and the actual size (which is the actual size of the executable).

    I am running SUF6 under Windows 98 SE for both the build process and when I try to run the setup file.

    Help ! I need to get this to my customer quickly.


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    Re: error installing from multiple files

    Hi Dave,

    You have the "Verify archive before installing" option turned on from the Design | General Design > Settings tab. You'll want to turn this off if you are not using a single-file setup.

    Here's an excerpt from the Help file about this setting:

    Verify archive before installing
    If checked, the setup will verify that all of its data is present before continuing with the installation. This option requires that you build the setup executable as a single file. Note: You should only use this option when your setup will be downloaded from a relatively unreliable transfer source such as the Internet. There is no need to use this option for floppy or CD-ROM installs.


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      Re: error installing from multiple files

      Thanks very much for that, it appears to work. (ok, so next time I'll RTFM !).
      Embarassed of England !