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Serial # List Variable

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  • Serial # List Variable

    Is there a way to do this?

    I assign 1 serial # to each Project. Each project is named with the client name. e.g Client6.sf6

    The Serial # list is named the same. eg. Client6

    In the design, screen, enter serial #, Screen Properties, Custom, Serial # must be in list, selection diolog.

    Is there a viariable that could be used to identify the project name?

    The purpose is to automate the connection between the list and the project. It would be much faster and less chance of tying a serial # list to the wrong project.


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    Re: Serial # List Variable

    No, from what I'm aware, there is no way to obtain the project file's name to be used as you suggested. I cannot see a method that would work for this sort of automation from the testing I have done, I'm sorry. Maybe someone else has a suggestion?


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      Re: Serial # List Variable

      You could maybe try using a design-time constant.
      --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]