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Name of created uninstall program ?

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  • Name of created uninstall program ?

    Inside an install process, I install a folder and files of a program setup which I run
    How to get the name of the created uninstall program because I need to suppress folder and files of the encapsulated intermediate setup at the end of the process ?.

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    Re: Name of created uninstall program ?


    If you do not want to certain folders or files to be removed by the uninstall, you should use the design environment to make these changes. Rather then interacting with the uninstall executable or uninstall INI file/

    The name of the uninstall executable depends on what version of Setup Factory you are using. What version of Setup Factory are you using?

    The uninstall INI file is named “irunin.ini” by default.

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      Re: Name of created uninstall program ?

      Thanks for information.
      I solved the problem by delete actions in the shutdown part without uninstall nor shortcuts created.
      I am testing SetupFactory 6.
      If I can't hide the name of files in the "Installing Screen" is it possible to prevent the user to cancel the installation process when it has started (before I have deleted the intermediate files) ?