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Q's about Screens Design - Custom tab

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  • Q's about Screens Design - Custom tab

    I'm evaluating SF6.

    I have some Q's regarding the Custom tab in the Screens Design.

    1. Is there a way to write RTL (Right To Left) paragraphs?
    (If i'm not mistaken, I manages to do that in SF5...)

    2. Can choose the font to be displayed?

    3. Is there a way to align text (center or right)?

    4. Can I paste RTF paragraph from Wordpad so I'll be able to display underlined or bold text (in the License Agreement for instance)


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    Re: Q's about Screens Design - Custom tab

    There's currently no way to right justify your text in Setup Factory 6.0, however it is currently listed as a suggestion for consideration. The only thing I can suggest is placing blank spaces in the text in order to generate that sort of effect.

    We have removed the rich text capability due to issues in previous versions where if the user had an incorrect version of Riched32.dll on their system would cause the install to fail. We felt install stability was more important in the end.

    Therefore Setup Factory 6.0 will only allow plain text in it's screens.


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      Re: Q's about Screens Design - Custom tab

      Thank you for your quick response.


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        Re: Q's about Screens Design - Custom tab

        Time flies, a year went by...
        Any news on the Rich Text Format or Right To Left issues?


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          Re: Q's about Screens Design - Custom tab

          i think you're 4 months short of a year =-P


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            Re: Q's about Screens Design - Custom tab

            Is there any plans to change this, or another way to select fonts? Our lawyer REALLY wants to have a few select phrases in bold in the license agreement.


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              Re: Q's about Screens Design - Custom tab

              I cannot say for sure, but I honestly don't think that this will change in a subversion release, but I'm confident that the developers will confront this issue in the next major version (7.0).


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                Please remedy the situation.

                I appreciate your action based on false Riched versions installed.

                However a setup Program which does not give possibiblties with formating is a bit in a bad shape.

                You could have implented basic formating without using RTF. (just would have required more programming).

                Or you could have used PRIMER files to identify if the RICHED32.dll is the correct one or not and then shell the installation program with or without RTF support.

                Normaly the riched problem happens on NT systems, simply because SOME setup programs isntall the Windows98 DLL version on the NT version. Thus it fails.

                Microsoft has "developed" a small application which checks for the correct DLL and if it ain't the correct one it installs the correct one.

                Rules :
                *Don't* install Riched32.dll on
                - Windows 2000
                - Windows XP
                - Windows NT

                Links :

                Each of the three Riched32.dll files with the version number 5.0.1458.47, and has a different size. These versions are:

                * A 169KB version (general release).
                * A 176KB version that is optimized for loading on Windows 98, but is identical in code to the general release version.
                * A 225KB version that was released by the Microsoft Exchange group. It is intended to cover all localized versions and is dependent upon GAPI32.dll.

                Of these three versions of Riched32.dll 5.0.1458.47, you can only distribute the 169KB or 176KB versions. If the target computer is already using the 225KB version, do not replace it with another Riched32.dll with the same version number or older.