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How to detect if a file exists (during installation)?

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  • How to detect if a file exists (during installation)?

    I have read some posts on this topic, but none of them clearly explains this method (at least not to a "newb" like myself).

    I have created my installation in SF Before installing a particular file, I need to check to see if another file already exists. I realize that you can go to the "File Properties", "Conditions" tab, and build a Run-time install condition - but I am not sure how to check for a file. Please keep in mind that this file may exists somewhere other than the install folder.

    If this topic has been explained somewhere else, please direct me to the correct post. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Re: How to detect if a file exists (during installation)?

    In Setup Factory 6.0 you can use the "Search For File" action to locate a file on the user's system. That action will locate and return all locations where that file is found on the user's system in the form of a delimited string of paths. From that point, you can then determine which occurrence is the "correct" target file by checking it's properties, CRC value etc. With the search action, you can define a number of Custom paths to search, which is normally best to reduce this search time. Once you have this information, you can set a variable and use the value of that variable as your install condition for your other file.

    Hope that helps.