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Query if a program is running

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  • Query if a program is running

    I am trying to determine if a certain file is running, if it is I want to abort the setup program as the user does not qualify to have this program installed!

    Is there an easy way to do this?


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    Re: Query if a program is running

    Setup Factory 6.0 has the "Close Program" action which could be used to close/force close/prompt user to close, however I'm not sure how you could accomplish a simple detection of a process running from Setup Factory. Does the user have to be running the program? If not, maybe you could just perform a Registry read, or file search for a particular file.

    Hope that helps.


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      Re: Query if a program is running

      Thanks Darryl,
      What I'm trying to do is determine if a user is coming in from home via VPN so we don't push software onto their home PC. I have put a registry read in for our VPN software and we will just have to fill in the holes when someone has it on their laptop or work PC! (tried using the ps.vbs are reading the results using grep.exe as an action, but wasn't sure how to capture the data to use!)

      Thanks a bunch